Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sweaty sweaty knitting

The Chelsea Fleece Fair was, as always, a huge success. I am proud of myself because I only went over $15 of the budget that I had set. I picked up 4 different kinds of handspun, more than enough to make at least one garment for everyone in the family. I immediately cast on this:

After some discussion on Ravelry with Houston knitters, I decided that I needed a layering piece for the Houston ‘winter’. This is the Cloud Bolero, but instead of keeping it bolero length, I’m going to keep knitting until I run out of yarn (my favorite thing to do) and make it vest length (hopefully), much like this one.

I have had a lot of difficulty maintaining my interest on this particular project for the past 2 days, not because it isn’t turning out great, which it is, but because suddenly we are in the mid 80’s again, and it is too HOT to knit chunky wool and mohair! I forced myself to do several rows yesterday despite the heat, but I’ve also been casting about for a pair of socks to work on in the interim.

I’ve cast on and frogged two pairs, and am now selecting a third. Hopefully the yarn/pattern combination will work this time. I won’t show them because they might be Christmas socks, I haven’t decided yet. I can show you Charlie’s newest pair, covered in Siamese catfood breath:

My cat's breath smells like, well, garbage, to be honest.

My goal was use up all of my Sundara Sock yarn, and I still have 2 tiny balls left. I’m determined not to let an inch of this gorgeous stuff go to waste.

I’ll leave you with last night’s dinner—Stir-Fried Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Peppers with Carmelized Tofu. This was a huge hit with everyone, and we’ll definitely be making this one again. Charlie ate the broccoli (bocky!), tofu (fufu!) and peppers (pepper!).

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