Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Guilty as Charged

Augusta progress

I'm almost finished with the first Augusta, so I'm allowed to dream about new projects, right? (I'm actually much farther now then when I took the picture this afternoon.)

The yarn that I'm dreaming about....

A big mess of Hello Yarn!

Something beautifully dyed from Radiant Twist!

Or good old-fashioned Socks that Rawwwwwwck?

And then there are the patterns. Could my next project be something from Interweave, like Ambrosia, the Genome socks, or Honeycomb?

Or the Red Dwarf Socks?

Or Bellatrix?

Or how about some Anastasias?

I think that I'm getting back to my knitting roots---I learned on socks, and they've always been my first love. I'm going to ride the desire and see where it goes next...

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