Thursday, September 13, 2007

Socky Beety

First off, I finished the Anastasias. What a quick and fun knit! The pattern is really easy to memorize and it seems to fly, even on size 1s.

How much do I love Hello Yarn? Let me count the ways, over and over and over….

I’m hoping that these will be my Houston winter shoes. Crocs are perfect for showing off hand knit socks.

Secondly, I’ve succumbed to the Sea Lettuce scarf. I’m still torn on whether I want to do the one that is 20 stitches across or the 32 stitch scarf (this one is 32).

I’m concerned because I only have one skein and am hoping that it will be a nice length. I don’t have high hopes for this though, and see another skein in my future. I forgot how much garter stitch sucks yardage. I’ve also had a problem sticking with any project larger than socks lately, and the urge to frog this always looms. Wish me luck, because as of right now, I really like the result.

And last, this book is changing the way that I cook.

It’s a wonderful read if you love the slow food movement. As a result I purchased this veggie cookbook, and am trying to cook exclusively vegetarian at home.

I made patty pan squash fritters with sweet potato muffins several days ago for dinner, and last night I made this recipe:

…which will never be repeated. Ever, ever, ever again. Although the soon-to-be Doctor Husband told me that it was good “for a beet dish”, he said it about 10 times, which is a sure sign that this dish was a dud. I thought that it was delicious, and Charlie acted like he was dying when he ate one bite. To any family who may be reading, don’t worry, we still think that turkeys are delicious and wonderful, and we won’t mess with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Tomorrow on the menu: fig and arugula salad with goat cheese croutons!

I hope that we can eat as well in Houston as here. I already checked, and Rice U. hosts a farmer’s market once a week.

I’ve also cast on a tiny baby sock, as my knitting ADD knows no bounds as of late.

I suck at goodbyes, and also conclusions, so I’ll just leave this as it is. Cheers.


Fiber Maiden said...

There are about 10 organic farmers markets, co ops, and we have several Whole Foods Markets down here in H Town. I don't have that cookbook, but I do have the 5 ingredient vegitarian and I love it. Good simple veggie food!

Siamese Catfood said...

I have been reading the newsletters from the Farmer's Market, and can't wait. It looks like that have a huge variety of vendors.