Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Better late than never

Wow! I didn't intend to be away for so long! Charlie and I went to Lansing for a few days to spend some quality time with Grandma and give the soon-to-be-doctor Husband some much needed work time. We had a great time, and of course went to Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio while we were there. I can’t believe that we'll be moving away from this amazing store in a month. While we were there I picked up this Lucy Neatby pattern and some Jitterbug. Hopefully one skein is enough for a nice size scarf. I wouldn’t have even been interested in this pattern if it wasn't for this picture. Isn’t it beautiful? I think it looks so much different from the picture on the pattern. I hope that the Jitterbug colors work. I just love purple and orange together.

I also, finished the Augustas:

They look like they're different sizes but it's just my amazing picture-taking skillz.

They turned out well, and I cast on immediately for another pair of toe-ups:
This is Hello Yarn Sock—amazing stuff. I have a vague idea of gifting some socks to my family for Christmas since I’m on such a sock kick, but the Sea Lettuce Scarf is calling me with it's siren song. People do wear scarves in Houston, right? Maybe to combat the air conditioning, not the outside air itself.

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