Saturday, September 15, 2007

Strange Things That We Find on Our Floors

Charlie likes a lot of normal toddler stuff like trains, fishies and Barney (who is really not so bad compared to the Satan Spawn that is the Teletubbies). He also likes some strange things, which we find around our house all of the time.


Exhibit A: Butterflies

I think that it is sweet that he likes butterflies. One of his favorite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle because there is a butterfly at the end. I even contemplated making his first birthday cake a butterfly since that was one of the things that he really liked. He’s obsessed with these teeny tiny butterfly magnets and we find them everywhere.

Not that weird? I agree. Read on…

Exhibit B: A potato

He discovered potatoes last week while visiting his grandma and has been scouting them out ever since. If I leave the pantry door open for a minute all of the potatoes are thrown on the floor. His favorite thing to do is to wait until he has my attention and then pretend to eat a raw, dirty potato. Go nuts!

Exhibit C: A pinecone (or 50!)

Last summer my soon-to-be Doctor Husband took our son on a walk and they came back with a freshly plucked pinecone. Charlie has been obsessed with them ever since to the extreme that sometimes he even wants to take one to bed with him. He knows exactly where the pine trees are when we go on walks, and begs for a pinecone when we round the bend. I really don’t mind the fact that he likes pinecones because 1.) I like to think that he likes them because he likes nature, 2.) they’re FREE and 3.) there is a never-ending supply of them.

Ok, knitting content.

Remember the Sea Lettuce Scarf? Frogged. I don’t have enough yarn to make it the way that I want. I have some mods in mind, but I’m really thinking that I’ll pick up something at the Fleece Fair tomorrow in order to really highlight this pattern. In the meantime, I’ve been making some Toddler team colors socks with the Dissertation leftovers:

I’m using this random number generator to determine the stripes, and am having a hoot of a time with them. Let’s not think about Michigan’s record right now, and just enjoy the socks, shall we?

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Fiber Maiden said...

I could make a coffee table book of strange things my daughter randomly leaves on the floor. It is really funny if you stop to think about it before flying into a rage. See you in Houston soon. What part of town are you moving to?