Saturday, September 01, 2007

Frantic Gift Knitting Time

One of my knitting New Year's resolutions this year was to knit more gifts. I have accomplished this goal several times over, and am doing it again right now. I'm working on the first Knitty pattern that I have ever actually completed--Breeze. I've started and frogged several Knitty projects ---Pomatomus kicked my ass once, wrong yarn once, I never seemed to have the right yarn for Clapotis, and Katja looked like a giant dishcloth because I tried to use cheap variegated yarn instead of Rowan. Breeze has finally sustained my interest, looks greats, and the niggling feeling that I sometimes get mid-project that causes me to frog isn't coming.


This pattern serves its purpose for the recipient--it's not wool (allergy, ick!), it's quick to knit, and it will cover perpetually cold feet when a move is made to Arizona. This pattern is also scratching my itchy urge to knit anklets right now. This is my second pair in as many months and there is at least one more pair in the future. Breeze will also work for the August Sockdown Challenge on Ravelry, since they have lacey components.

Charlie wants to help ALL THE TIME

Can I be completely selfish for a moment? Thanks to this wonderful little dude, my knitting time is at a premium right now. A result I'm always happy to have the gift given to the recipient and get back to my own projects. Shhh-don't tell!


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