Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Focus (finally)

It was my birthday on Friday, Christian got me this gorgeous camera, which I will share with you by showing the amazing pictures that this camera takes. In a serendipitous occurrence, I received a shipment of Sundara yarn the same day, so without further ado, here are some lovely, lovely, lovely pictures....

These three skeins are Blue-Grey over Shell, destined to be some kind of shawl, when I get some more WIPs out of the way.

Next is Orchard Pear, which I think looks a lot like Mossy from the Autumn Season's Club. I don't mind in the least. I specifically chose the Blue-Grey over Shell, but I also asked Sundara to throw in a skein of her favorite color from this batch, and this is what she chose.

And finally, here is my last shipment from the Season's Club--this is probably my favorite color right now. I'd love to do a little scarf out of this one as well.

I can see many, many more pictures finally showing up in my Ravelry stash.

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