Thursday, March 06, 2008

Liar Liar Link-o-rama

So now I have THREE unfinished socks on the needles, due to no fault of my own (hah!).

The first:

Father and Son socks, Interweave, Fall 2006

They are beautiful, easy and by my favorite sock designer of all time.
The yarn is perfect. They are also for my number one sock recipient, who is always very appreciative. Problem? My thoughts kept straying to this pair:

Sweetheart Socks, Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007

the back detail

After I received my January installment of the Seasons Club I knew that I had the perfect yarn. I promised myself that I would go right back to Christian's socks! That I would even work on them concurrently (another hah!).

I finished these, so let's move on.

Right back to the first socks, right? No way! While I was finishing the Sweetheart socks, I received another sock club shipment in the mail, full of awesomeness. The lure of Sockdown: Ravelry! was too much to ignore. I cast on, again telling myself that as soon as I was finished I would (again) go right back and finish up the first socks in a jiffy.

Marina Piccola, by Kate Gilbert

This pattern is beautiful, but tedious. My mind started to wander...

Can you guess what happened next?

I received another package of yarn in the mail, this time from Meg of Twisted Fiber Arts. Her work with self-striping yarn is truly amazing! Sockdown: Ravelry! rolled around again, and (again) I had the perfect pattern. The challenge this month is to knit a sock from designer Ann Budd.

I would just cast on.

No, I'll cast on and knit just the cuff.

The gauge isn't right, so I need to frog and knit on smaller needles--I should go past the cuff just to make sure that they'll fit.

Two and a half pattern repeats later:

Ann Budd rocks my world.

I am smitten once again.

I promise that I'll finish Christian's socks next! Maybe I'll even make a schedule--one repeat of one sock, one of another, and one of the last, until I'm done. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't work well with schedules. This plan has failure written all over it.

And I did just get another sock club installment in the mail....


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