Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stork's Nest Lace

Knitting is usually a pretty easy hobby--physically. The Yarn Harlot (do I even need to link, honestly?) refers to knitting as a sport. I think that she refers to the competitive nature of the hobby, but really---what other wonderful, magical sport allows you to watch a movie, have a conversation, drink a beer, and allow a cat to sleep on your lap, all while participating? (10 points for those who found my obtuse reference to the Simpsons embedded in the last sentence)

There are, however, some times when the sport does get a little physical. Reflexes need to be lightening quick when trying to acquire your first choice when this yarn dyer updates her website. The same thing happens here and here. It's best to purchase often so as to keep your mouse-clicking abilities in shape.

Another opportunity for knitters to display their physical prowess is one that I participated in last weekend. I blocked lace.

Lace is one of my favorite things to knit, but really must be stretched and tugged and pinned into submission with a good blocking in order to for it to really look amazing.

After soaking my Stork's Nest Lace scarf I began to pin:

And pin:

And pin:

I'm an agressive blocker, to put it mildly.

Until I had used literally every pin in the house and tips of my fingers were so sore than I was using the edge of a book to push the pins into the blocking board. (note to self: buy thimble)

My lower back was sore afterwards from the repetitive motion. (note to self: stretch out beforehand next time)

I assumed that I could quickly pin this out during Charlie's nap. An hour and a half later, Charlie was getting up and I had just finished. (note to self: you're an idiot)

Was all of the blood, sweat, and (almost) tears worth it?

Can you see the mistake?

I wholeheartedly say--absolutely. Here are the specifics:

Pattern: Stork's Nest Scarf, from Piecework, Jan/Feb 2008

Yarn: Fingering Silky Merino from Sundara Yarn, in Robin's Nest (from the Seasons Yarn Club, Spring colorway)

Needles: size 6

Mods: none, knitted as written

Did I learn anything?: HELL YES! Apparently I didn't know how to purl before this. For the last 7 years I have inadvertently purled into the back loop (ptbl) instead of a regular purl. It doesn't show on socks but it looks wonky when knitting back and forth. I pulled out my trusty guide and made a conscious effort to purl the correct way this time.

I can't wait to wear this. AND, I've got about half a skein leftover:

Hopefully I can squeeze a pair of anklets out of the remainder.

I've also been flying through my second pair of Undulating Ribs:

love, love, LOVE the striping

It appears that socks practically knit themselves when they aren't made out of a million cables or lace. (of course, I've jinxed myself now)

Now I just need to figure out how many knitting projects I will need for a week in Florida. I've got one that I am know that I am taking, but how many backups do I need? 2 or 3? Or 4 or 5?

I suppose that we can just buy clothes when we get there if I use all of the suitcase space!

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