Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pressing On

In an act of amazing self-control, a skill that I am not ordinarily known for, I have resisted casting on another project and continue to chant the mantra 'Lace Ribbon Scarf, Father & Son socks, Stork's Nest Socks, Print O' the Wave...........Lace Ribbon Scarf, Father & Son socks, Stork's Nest Socks, Print O' the Wave.....".

All the while my brain is screaming "...Salto!.....SALTO!.....SALTO!!!!!!

In this:

Sundara Sock (what else?) in Toffee

Progress on the Lace Ribbon Scarf:

More than ready for that last ball to shrink into nothing.

In an attempt to stay focused on the projects at hand, I have been documenting my yarn stash in order to have a complete accounting on Ravelry. Stash pics here. Before you say "Wow, that is A LOT"......wait. That is just my sock yarn (mostly). More to come.

Can I say again how much I LOVE this camera?!!? A piece of foam core and some nice indirect afternoon sunlight and my pictures are filled with a personality that I have never seen before. Some of my favorites:

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in Purple Earth

misc. Fearless Fibers

misc. Radiant Twist

In an experiment I wondered if this treatment would raise the status of some other household objects:

Little broken bunny

Shaving mug

Pee Pee Boy

Maybe, maybe not?

I didn't mess with the manual controls at all, but I intend do. All of this was done in a 15 minute chunk of yesterday while Charlie did this:

And although it looks like it could happen, no, he has never fallen off of the bed and landed on his head.

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Kristin said...

what lovely lovely yarn & WIP's you have going on! :)