Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It makes perfect sense that although I am dying to cast on a brand shiny new pair of socks, I neglect the existing WIPs entirely, and begin new, non-sock related ventures. Payback is a bitch, however, and I believe that my unfinished socks have conspired to jinx any new project that I attempt.

Exhibit A:
This Calorimetry is eating my head.

I look like a lobotomy patient. I assumed that I didn't need to knit a gauge swatch since I went down a needle size from the suggested pattern. It looked a little big while I was knitting it, but I assumed that since it was ribbed it would end up a little smaller. I'm contemplating trying to shrink it a little in the wash.

The socks that are out to get me:

Finished Undulating Ribs

Unfinished (but nearly finished!) Cable Rib Socks

And poor Juliet...
I keep thinking of this color as "Lion Brand Buddhist Mustard".

There appears to be nothing wrong with this (yet). Maybe the socks haven't noticed her.

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