Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boo to you!

Hello from my perch in Palm Coast, FL. Charlie and I are spending some quality time once again with BooMa and BooPa so that Christian can work that much harder and be finished that much faster. (shall we chant: THE END IS IN SIGHT 1,000 times more to remind us?)

We spent a wonderful weekend at Disney, and the brainwashing is really starting to work on Charlie, now that he has discovered that characters like Nemo and Mickey exist outside of books and off of t-shirts. We went to a WDW Not-So-Scary Halloween party where BooPa made sure that he collected his entrance fee in candy. Charlie helped, and since there was no charge for him to get in his haul was pure profit! Yes, we all did steal candy from a baby. Don't worry--we gave him all of our boxes of raisins in return. Pictures forthcoming, as soon as someone sends me a good one to post. (yes, I am talking to you, Aunt Kari)

I finished Christian's Red Dawn socks on the way down to the Disney compound. I am in love with the colors:

Yummy yummy!

Hopefully they fit!

The colorway is called Central Park from Cherry Blossom Fibers, and this truly does remind me of the time that Dr. Husband and I spend in New York City in October several years ago. These knit up so fast in sport weight on size 4's. I am really digging the sport weight yarn lately, which is unfortunate since now most everybody lives in a warmer climate. I'm not sure how much play these will get when we move to Planet Houston.

I immediately cast on these:

It is hard to tell, but the ribs, they do undulate.

They are Undulating Rib socks from Favorite Socks. I had to go down several needle sizes to get anything close to gauge (along with the rest of the world, if you check Ravelry). The yarn is the new Kaffe Fassett stuff from Regia. This is the first time that I've use any yarn that has nylon in it, and honestly, I prefer merino over all else. I love the soft and squishy. I'm sure that these will hold up wonderfully, however, and am loving the colors (Mirage Fog).

I'm racing through these since I am inspired to cast on some yummy Black Bunny that I have waiting in the wings.


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Shorty said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I've got to get to Disney some day.